Monday, July 28, 2008

What a day...

Well the day started out rainy. The girls played for a while and I read a book. We made our own homemade tortillas. It was tedious!! I rolled and Peyton cooked. Breesa would "smash the balls" before I rolled them. She can't stand to be left out in the kitchen. Anyway, it was a fun experience. Pierce was sleeping and we set off the smoke detector!! I told Breesa to quickly run and tell him everything was ok; Peyton fanned the detector; while I flipped the burning tortilla. That happened two or three times!! Every time Breesa came back and said daddy was still sleeping. When we were finished, we made fajitas mix to go in our new tortillas. When I was making her lunch, she said, "Can I have one without polka dots?" She didn't like the burnt spots. Maybe next time we won't need the smoke detector.

About 5 this evening, we headed to my uncles orchard. We picked black berries and peaches. It was a lot of fun. The girls like being outside and picking is a lot of fun. Usually, we just eat as we walk. But today we brought some home. The peaches were falling off the trees. The plums were also ripe. I ate a few but didn't bring much home.

On our way to his house, one lane of the road was under water. The MoDOT guys were out there shutting it down. So we had to take the long way home. I decided we might as well get some groceries if we were coming through town. I hit the jackpot of meat. Wal-mart had a bunch of meat marked down because the use or freeze by date was getting close. So we bought almost all they had...which was the perfect amount to restock my freezer. We got ribs, chicken wings, ground beef, and ground pork all on sale. The only clearance meat I didn't buy was the turkey brats. I had a bad round of morning sickness on the side of the road in the rain after eating some brats a few months ago. I just left those there. I got this weeks groceries and only spent $66. I always say "this weeks groceries" but they always last longer by the time we finish off leftovers. Oh yeah, I also bought two apple pies that were on the bakery's clearance rack. They were also "use or freeze by"

Peyton was reading through a home ec book we had for homeschool this week. She thought it was neat you could make popcorn on the stove. So we also got popcorn kernels. I was so excited we got so much for $66 and I "splurged a little" and stocked the meat in the freezer!!! I guess it's just the little things in life.

Over all this month, I have spent about $160 for groceries. I spent $50 one week, $50 the next, and $60 this week. It actually took a little longer to eat everything so I think it lasted close to a month!! I am going to double check receipts and dates.

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