Tuesday, April 10, 2012

American Girl

American Girl: I announced to the house that the American Girl Doll Company was introducing their new Girl of the Year. Macie piped up and asked, “Where is she from?” There was an awkward silence...followed by “America”.

Fossil Cookies

Fossil Cookies: Breesa and Nataly made fossils out of baking ingredients including coffee to make the cookies look like dirt. They smelled so good and looked like cookies. So when daddy got home, Breesa convinced him to try one of her “cookies”. He took a bite, faked a smile, and said, “mmmm, who made these?!?” We could barely hold our laughter as he spit them out and tried to wash the salt out of his mouth!!

Science Fair

Breesa entered in her first science fair. I was so proud of her. She is usually a very soft spoken person. For her to stand up at the table to talk to those judges about made me cry. She got “fourth” place, which is what everyone got after the first three ribbons were handed out. “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” The prize she picked was a shoe box of animal artifacts: a bird nest, an animal skull, turtle shell, and so on. On one hand, she’s just like me...on the other hand EWWW! There was also a multiuse tool to inspect her goods. She was absolutely thrilled with the science fair and couldn’t wait to do it again. She’s already planning new projects. I love that she’s such a good sport!

My Valentine

I don’t know how I got so lucky to find the love of my life! I realize I am blessed to have found a hardworking man who loves his family. Since we left active duty, Pierce had missed working on his air planes. I didn’t care what he did I was just tired of moving all the time. Even though I wasn’t thrilled about moving to Monroe City, I put my feet down and decided we would stay there and not move again. We talked about him applying for a full time position with the Guard, but I didn’t want to move again. One morning we sat down in church and the music began, I instantly had a tugging at my heart from God. We had not discussed this new job in a while but I knew instantly that I was wrong. I cried all day. All I ever wanted was to be still and have a place to call home for more than two years. I talked with my pastors wife and she said that if God was calling us to move, I would find peace about it. With tears streaming down my face, I told him I would go if he got a job. Of course, he said he didn’t want to go if I was going to be upset. That whole Sunday I cried but something amazing happened on Monday. I woke up ready to pack our bags. God gave me peace. The only problem was that God also wanted to teach me about patience. A year later, we arrived in St Joe and lived together as a family for the first time in eight months. It’s not been easy and I miss our little house. But I can’t believe the blessings God has given us. Pierce has been named the best NCO in his office, on the base, AND in the state. After one year at the 10 level, he will be promoted to a 12 position over many of his coworkers who have applied numerous times. He is still waiting to hear about the National level NCO award. However, I am PROUD to announce he received (or should I say earned) the rank of Master Sergeant, E-7. Our growing family is so proud of him. The little girls love seeing his planes flying and knowing their daddy put it up there. I can’t believe how that one little decision changed our lives. This Valentines Day, we are nearing our ten year anniversary. I can’t wait to see where the next ten years take us!

Welcome Little Love!

Cupid finally delivered my Valentine!! Michael Franklin Pierce was born about 1:30 am on February 13th. He was born at home in the birthing pool. Active labor lasted about an hour and a half, but it felt much longer than that. I’m pretty sure I swore off any future babies...a few times. When I was certain he was coming out, I yelled out to no one in particular to get the kids. Regan ran upstairs and grabbed all three girls along with Miss Diana who was in charge of them for the birth. They made it down just in time. He was delivered by his momma’s loving hands as I pulled him out of the water. Michael was born in the caul or what is called a caulbearer. I had never heard of this but our midwife, Anita, told us the amniotic sac was still in tact as he was born. It is also referred to as a veiled baby. The chances of this happening are very rare. Being born in the caul is considered very special and has a lot of superstitions and myth behind it. The midwife slipped the veil over his head to break the waters. Also, his demeanor is perfect. He is very quiet and peaceful like his daddy. But he was smiling in his sleep within the first 12 hours, a trait that must come from a mother known for her laughter. He is very snuggly and very tolerable to his other mothers, I mean sisters. He undoubtedly has four mothers. They kiss and love on him and I think he likes it. After I pulled him up and put him on my chest, I lifted him up to see his gender. I must have pulled him back two or three times to be sure. Nataly was upset for about 2 seconds . I was in total shock for the first 12 hours. But Regan and Nana picked up a few outfits (we really didn’t have much since I was expecting a girl ) and I realized we would just figure it out. The other thing I was waiting for was our first big snow. I was sure he would come at the first big snow. Every time it started snowing, I would get excited. However, the snow never accumulated and I would get discouraged. I was beginning to think I would be pregnant until next winter! But as suspected, he did grace us on the night of our first big snow. Anita made it in time but fishtailed and spun a 180 on her way home. Anita says some people are like microwaves and some are like crock pots. Michael didn’t have the appearance of a 42 week 4 day old baby. When Anita did his newborn check, she pointed out so many things that were characteristics of post date babies. Michael didn’t have these. She thought I was more like a crock pot and he came right on time! Happy Valentine’s Day to us!

Christmas Carols

Breesa had been working on her Christmas carols to sing at the nursing home we visit. She was so into it she decided to write her own. Just as she got her pen an paper, she looked up and asked, ”Ok now which Christmas carol hasn’t been written yet?”

A Sundry Education

Sundry: \sun-dree\ an adjective meaning miscellaneous, various. As we prepare for the second semester, I wanted to share what we have planned. We decided to switch Macie to The Keystone Online School. She will get an accredited diploma through correspondence courses. She plans to take math, English, and health this coming semester. Breesa still does math and reading as her formal education. Both girls will continue one full day of elective classes at the Christian school which includes chapel, spelling, music, physical education, and science, sewing, or photography depending on the session. They will also attend the co-op classes one afternoon a week. Breesa will take an art class and Macie will be taking guitar and sign language. Breesa and Nataly will be starting violin lessons. All three girls will have homeschool P.E. classes at Missouri Western State University and monthly field trips with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The little girls also go to the library for reading time. While many are concerned about homeschoolers not being socialized, I am a little worried how we will keep up this semester especially with a new little one. However, we only have math, English/reading, health, and music practice daily. The rest are fun learning opportunities without the hassle or pressure of making a grade or passing a test. Just pure learning and fun! But one last thing I wanted to add, is that the cost of personalized, tailor-made, sundry education for three children is less than private school tuition for one!


I believe most women, when left to their natural process, can labor with and deliver a baby without interventions. While, a small percent women do require the use of an obstetrician. I am not against hospitals but in my opinion they aren’t required for most women. Something dawned on me after the birth though: you hear people complain about hospital births, but it’s rare when you hear a complaint on a midwife. Midwives should be given more credit. They’re like old fashioned doctors who make house calls. They really give the attention a pregnant woman desires. I was able to deliver my baby with the caregiver I had established a relationship with. In the hospital, my doctor was not on call and I delivered with a doctor I didn’t know. The bible says childbirth is going to be painful. Yet, the pain is soon forgotten with the joys of a child. Trends today lean towards scheduling babies and avoiding pain. I’m sure no matter how you bring a child into the world; it’s never “easy,” especially when you consider recovery of various methods. The articles I’ve written aren’t to persuade you to our ways but to include you on our journey. After comparing a hospital birth with home birth (or birth center), I realize that there are different ways to have a satisfying birth, even in the hospital. But I believe mothers should have an active part in bringing their new baby into this world.

Stork Reports

I’ve picked up some diapers, washed some clothes, and got our birth supplies together. I just have a few things left to get. We had our 37 week appointment at our house. The midwife brought our birthing pool and scoped out the scene. Heart beat was around 135. I measured 35 cm at 37 weeks. The average is 1 cm per week. She didn’t think the baby would make it to 9lbs like the other two. She said the baby was sitting very low in the pelvis. Also, my iron is low and I need to get that up. My favorite thing right now is how much Nataly loves this baby. It seems she can wake the baby and get it to move. She says the baby likes zerberts not kisses. Cravings: wasabi, walnuts, sour kraut, graham crackers, milk, banana peppers Pregnancy Secret: chiropractor, Calcium-Magnesium syrup., herbal tea

Big Sister, Little Sister

Breesa convinced Nataly (probably with little effort) to jump off the table and Breesa would catch her. With Nataly in mid-air, Breesa doubts her ability to catch Nataly and side-steps. I think Breesa really felt bad but Nataly was just angry. Her words were something like, “I was flat on my back” and “I busted my head open.” Although there wasn’t really any “busting of heads” other than the thump on the floor. Then, they were playing puppies a few days later. This is pretty typical of these two girls. It’s either puppies or horses. Breesa tells Nataly to bite her shirt like a puppy tugging on a rope. Nataly takes a bite out of Breesa’s rib cage. There’s still a mark two weeks later. You know, I’ve come to the realization that it’s just the way it goes...they get over it pretty quick and get back to playing. Really all of them go round and round. It’s just usually comical when Nataly is involved.