Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I believe most women, when left to their natural process, can labor with and deliver a baby without interventions. While, a small percent women do require the use of an obstetrician. I am not against hospitals but in my opinion they aren’t required for most women. Something dawned on me after the birth though: you hear people complain about hospital births, but it’s rare when you hear a complaint on a midwife. Midwives should be given more credit. They’re like old fashioned doctors who make house calls. They really give the attention a pregnant woman desires. I was able to deliver my baby with the caregiver I had established a relationship with. In the hospital, my doctor was not on call and I delivered with a doctor I didn’t know. The bible says childbirth is going to be painful. Yet, the pain is soon forgotten with the joys of a child. Trends today lean towards scheduling babies and avoiding pain. I’m sure no matter how you bring a child into the world; it’s never “easy,” especially when you consider recovery of various methods. The articles I’ve written aren’t to persuade you to our ways but to include you on our journey. After comparing a hospital birth with home birth (or birth center), I realize that there are different ways to have a satisfying birth, even in the hospital. But I believe mothers should have an active part in bringing their new baby into this world.

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