Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Sundry Education

Sundry: \sun-dree\ an adjective meaning miscellaneous, various. As we prepare for the second semester, I wanted to share what we have planned. We decided to switch Macie to The Keystone Online School. She will get an accredited diploma through correspondence courses. She plans to take math, English, and health this coming semester. Breesa still does math and reading as her formal education. Both girls will continue one full day of elective classes at the Christian school which includes chapel, spelling, music, physical education, and science, sewing, or photography depending on the session. They will also attend the co-op classes one afternoon a week. Breesa will take an art class and Macie will be taking guitar and sign language. Breesa and Nataly will be starting violin lessons. All three girls will have homeschool P.E. classes at Missouri Western State University and monthly field trips with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The little girls also go to the library for reading time. While many are concerned about homeschoolers not being socialized, I am a little worried how we will keep up this semester especially with a new little one. However, we only have math, English/reading, health, and music practice daily. The rest are fun learning opportunities without the hassle or pressure of making a grade or passing a test. Just pure learning and fun! But one last thing I wanted to add, is that the cost of personalized, tailor-made, sundry education for three children is less than private school tuition for one!

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