Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome Little Love!

Cupid finally delivered my Valentine!! Michael Franklin Pierce was born about 1:30 am on February 13th. He was born at home in the birthing pool. Active labor lasted about an hour and a half, but it felt much longer than that. I’m pretty sure I swore off any future babies...a few times. When I was certain he was coming out, I yelled out to no one in particular to get the kids. Regan ran upstairs and grabbed all three girls along with Miss Diana who was in charge of them for the birth. They made it down just in time. He was delivered by his momma’s loving hands as I pulled him out of the water. Michael was born in the caul or what is called a caulbearer. I had never heard of this but our midwife, Anita, told us the amniotic sac was still in tact as he was born. It is also referred to as a veiled baby. The chances of this happening are very rare. Being born in the caul is considered very special and has a lot of superstitions and myth behind it. The midwife slipped the veil over his head to break the waters. Also, his demeanor is perfect. He is very quiet and peaceful like his daddy. But he was smiling in his sleep within the first 12 hours, a trait that must come from a mother known for her laughter. He is very snuggly and very tolerable to his other mothers, I mean sisters. He undoubtedly has four mothers. They kiss and love on him and I think he likes it. After I pulled him up and put him on my chest, I lifted him up to see his gender. I must have pulled him back two or three times to be sure. Nataly was upset for about 2 seconds . I was in total shock for the first 12 hours. But Regan and Nana picked up a few outfits (we really didn’t have much since I was expecting a girl ) and I realized we would just figure it out. The other thing I was waiting for was our first big snow. I was sure he would come at the first big snow. Every time it started snowing, I would get excited. However, the snow never accumulated and I would get discouraged. I was beginning to think I would be pregnant until next winter! But as suspected, he did grace us on the night of our first big snow. Anita made it in time but fishtailed and spun a 180 on her way home. Anita says some people are like microwaves and some are like crock pots. Michael didn’t have the appearance of a 42 week 4 day old baby. When Anita did his newborn check, she pointed out so many things that were characteristics of post date babies. Michael didn’t have these. She thought I was more like a crock pot and he came right on time! Happy Valentine’s Day to us!

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