Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stork Reports

I’ve picked up some diapers, washed some clothes, and got our birth supplies together. I just have a few things left to get. We had our 37 week appointment at our house. The midwife brought our birthing pool and scoped out the scene. Heart beat was around 135. I measured 35 cm at 37 weeks. The average is 1 cm per week. She didn’t think the baby would make it to 9lbs like the other two. She said the baby was sitting very low in the pelvis. Also, my iron is low and I need to get that up. My favorite thing right now is how much Nataly loves this baby. It seems she can wake the baby and get it to move. She says the baby likes zerberts not kisses. Cravings: wasabi, walnuts, sour kraut, graham crackers, milk, banana peppers Pregnancy Secret: chiropractor, Calcium-Magnesium syrup., herbal tea

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