Logic & Wisdom

Breesa was waiting for Miss Melissa to drop off Macie after babysitting one night. She said, “I’m going to wait outside. I’ll scream if I get taken.” We chuckled but I guess the darkness got the best of her because she came back in and said, “I’ll probably be safer inside anyway.”

While on her way to South Carolina, Pierce asked Breesa to call when she landed so he would know she was safe. Breesa agreed and added, “if it takes a long time then we probably crashed.”

This was from a while back, but maybe you’ll laugh again if you’ve already seen the photo. Shortly after Pierce came home from his deployment, he told Breesa to clean up her room and not to put it under her bed. She came back in the living room proudly proclaiming her accomplishment. She took her dad in to show him the clean room and his face was priceless… he forgot to mention Nataly’s bed.