Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knee deep in what... stuff thats what!! Pierce was kind enough to haul all the tubs of baby stuff...actually up to size 2 girls clothes, to the house so I could sort through them and take inventory. Well as it turns out. I have enough clothes for TWINS!! Well, I went through and pulled out all the neutral stuff just to see if we would have enough in case we have a boy. I think we do, for the first few months anyway. I think we have more than enough girl clothes.

I did find a few things had molded: the stroller, one bouncy seat, a few toys. Nothing to major. We had two bouncy seats. Luckily, the crib bedding, swing, bassinet, and a baby papasan were fine. So I suppose I will wash up all this stuff and get it ready for our big day!! I know it seems so far off but I am due right in the middle of a string of holidays in the fall. I doubt once school starts, I will have time to wash, fold, sort, and organize a bunch of baby clothes. Let alone shop for what I still need.

By the way, don't try dragging all your baby stuff out when your kids are home. Apparently, when you turn 12 you know more than you mom. Because she kept telling me how to put things together and what went where. I told her to pick a project and put it together while I worked on mine. We had to put together the swing, bouncy seats, bassinet, and other odds and ends. And Breesa was no help either. She kept sitting in the bouncy seat, running off with stuff, putting her baby in the seats, trampling the piles of clothes I had folded.

We are half way through. I just needed to take a break!!

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