Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well Peyton has had an exciting day as well. She made homemade biscuits for lunch. We had biscuits and gravy which was really good. We spent the afternoon talking about Little House on the Prairie books. She has all nine of the original books in a box set. I was planning on reading them with her but she has read them all. We played around on the Little House on the Prairie website. She took a quiz to see how well she remembered the book. She got 9/10. I was impressed since she hasn't read the books lately.

I almost bought her a book called Prairie Primer a while ago. It is a book that explains the history around the time of the books. It can be a homeschool unit study. You can learn geography, history, English, etc. all in relation to the books. There is also a Little House Cookbook. I picked it up at a garage sale but it's packed up. I guess I didn't realize how much she liked those books. I think I might go ahead and buy the Prairie Primer and we can work through it on Fridays, since she doesn't go to school on Fridays.

Peyton has been working hard on her attitude...which is no easy feat for a 12 y/o girl. She did so good today. After she had a bad attitude, I would tell her and she would find a way to lighten the atmosphere. Her way of doing this is turning on some music...this just gives the room a happier feeling.

She also did well with her chores today. Something we have been working on. I have been making her little lists that say task by task how to get the kitchen clean. The kitchen is her area to clean. Mostly just after meals. But I am finding that the kitchen is looking better everyday.

She also volunteered to make bacon and eggs for dinner. She did pretty good. She made the bacon first. Then she cooked the eggs. The tricky part was watching the eggs and making the toast. Pierce stepped in and helped her so she didn't get too frustrated. All-in-all it's been a great day!!

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