Monday, July 21, 2008

Renters!! Hooray!!

We finally have good renters moving into our house on the 1st of August. I am so excited. I really like the people and they seem like good people. I am thankful to God because I know he sent us the right people at the right time. We almost had renters in June but they were a little demanding and we weren't that excited to have them. Pierce said he was relieved when they backed out at the last minute.

God has been teaching us financial lessons over the last year. It's been exciting to see how we were provided for though my husband took about 8 months off work with a short deployment in between. God had it in his control and his timing is perfect whether we understand or not. At this point, we have changed our spending habits. We have been living on so much less for a while now. It's actually kind of fun to be frugal, though it's always been a hobby for me.

It's exciting to see everything fall into God's plan for our lives.

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Mrs. V. said...

I know just what you mean about being frugal. People think I am odd because I actually think it is fun! But with these changing economic times, I do think it will become a necessity for the majority very soon.