Friday, July 25, 2008

Plain ol' Friday

Well nothing special is going on today. The sun is out so that is nice. The girls and I picked a bunch of apples from the trees in the backyard. We may try a new apple pie recipe. I have a recipe that tells you how to make and freeze the pies. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have 10 apple pies in the fridge and I wouldn't have to make any for a year. I don't really like making apple pie because it takes a lot of patience to peel, sliced, and mix the apples. Then you still have the crust. But apple pie is Pierce's favorite. So it would be nice to have a bunch in the freezer and just pull one out now and again.

Yesterday, we made stuff for Breesa's preschool. She can start when Peyton does in August. I printed out a list of things to learn in preschool. Somethings I know she can do and others I had never thought of. I never ask her questions about the stories we read. But last night we read three stories and she answered lots of questions. So I have made a goals list for her pre-school. Though most of our preschool will be "unschooling". Unschooling is a way of teaching that is student led. At this age it is very appropriate. I am not sure about when she gets older. Anyway, I let her show me what she is interested in and I provide her with materials that help.

Right now Breesa likes to count. She likes to say how many boys and how many girls. Or how many cars, stop lights, plates on the table, crayons on the desk, or what ever else she comes across. So I made a caterpillar and each section of the body has a different number. I also made her a calendar so that she can see the numbers of the days. (There are a lot of things to be learned on a calendar: days of the week, months, holidays, numbers, etc. I also added the weather for a little science.) I made her a little counting game on construction paper and covered it with contact paper so she can use it over and over. I went through all her books and pick out anything to do with counting or numbers. It never surprises what books I can find in her room to go with what ever she likes at the time.

I have tried to provide her with these things so she can play at her own will. I don't say, "it's time for school." I say, "Hey, want to play that counting game." We are going to use the Letter of the Day curriculum from here. We will review uppercase and start learning lower case and letter sounds. I have changed it a little. My grandma left behind OODLES of post cards. I went through them last night and picked out all the animals. I plan to let Breesa choose and animal of the week. Then we can learn about it. That is "child-led" learning.

Well more about the learning later. I will post pictures of her learning area when I finish getting it set up.

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