Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Adventures in the Kitchen

Last night we made our first two loaves of bread. The are ok. I think you have to get used to the difference between store bought and homemade. However, I do have a few other bread recipes I could try. We will also be making tortillas this week. Pierce is excited about that. He wants to make them. We were going to make them last night but my tired, achy body was ready for bed.

This week we are starting our $45 menu. We scratched a few items from the menu and shopping list. Then we added a few extra item we preferred. We spent $56. Not bad we thought. This menu is slim on the meat however I have some in the fridge. We are going to substitute a few meals and stretch the $56 to two weeks. I will probably need to go and get milk at some point. We may also need some more fruit.

We made two dozen bran muffins last night as well. We had them for breakfast this morning with some juice. I forgot to put the bananas in the freezer for smoothies. This is going to be an interesting week food wise. We are trying some new recipes.

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