Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Hospital Birth

I went to the hospital when my labor was well in progress. However, it slowed upon arrival and I was induced with Pitocin a synthetic hormone used to control labor. Consequently, I caved into an epidural. I was naïve to the practices of a hospital.

I later learned that 81% women receive Pitocin. It is also common knowledge that Pitocin increases the pain of contractions and often causes the baby to go into shock and the uterus to work harder; rather than letting it contract as necessary to bring the baby to birth. The Pitocin and Epidural are often causes for Cesarean.

Cesarean rates were 32% in 2008. (USA TODAY)

America has 2nd worst newborn mortality rates of the modern world. (CNN)

44% of women who attempted a vaginal delivery were induced and twice as likely to deliver by C-section. (USA TODAY)

I considered my self lucky to get out of the hospital with a vaginal delivery. However, I was disappointed with the chain of events that I experienced. When I became pregnant with Nataly, I began to search for something better than a 1 in 3 chance of C-Section. I wanted to give birth in a place where my choices would be honored. I wanted to have a child birth free of protocol and standard practices, especially those that actually put me and my baby at unnecessary risk.

(Our Birthing Experience To Be Continued)

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