Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Herd of Horses

We are not a one horse town...or should I say one horse home. We acquired our first horse when we lived in Monroe City. Breesa would gather the grass clippings in her red sand bucket to feed her horse, Katie. This kept her busy all day playing in the back yard.

One horse was enough for a while, until the girls started watching Horseland. The characters hopped right off the screen and into my living room. Soon I could hear them galloping around the track that runs from the kitchen, through the dining room and living room, around the hallway, through Macie’s room, and back to the kitchen. The name of the game is to make as much noise as possible on the wood floor so that two little girls sound like real heard of horses galloping in the open fields.

We also have a herd of miniature ponies. They aren’t really in the pony ride business but they are great for snuggling. These mini’s also like to play dress up. Their best friends are a dog named Jasmine, twin teddy bears, and a gang of other Webkinz-sized stuffed toys.

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