Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to School

It seems school is starting rather early this year. The middle of August is a little early to me. I, being of true home-schooler fashion, prefer to start after Labor Day and finish by Memorial Day.

Never-the-less, school will be starting on August 15th. We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of school because we will finally have something to do.

We found that after arriving in St. Joe and unpacking: we didn’t belong to any clubs; we didn’t have Girl Scout meetings; and basically we had nothing to do. We missed the summer activity sign-ups and everything else was on hold until fall!

So we are actually excited to start back to school. Macie will be attending Baptist Temple Schools (BTS). While Breesa will be homeschooled but joining the BTS on Mondays for electives and the St. Joe Homeschool Group on Tuesdays for co-op classes. Nataly will be along for the ride!

As far as supplies go, I have been shopping the Walgreens sale ads for the last few weeks. The necessary supplies were minimal and we had most of it. But there were a few exciting additions to our supplies. Namely, BENTO BOXES!! Bento Boxes are a Japanese lunch box. A very precise and compact way to carry your lunch. All three girls LOVED eating their first Bento lunch. A miracle for that picky eater of mine. Lunch was fun! I will continue to share as we explore our new lunch boxes.

Macie’s box with pasta, cantaloupe, pretzels, diced cheese, and a granola star.

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