Saturday, October 15, 2011


Can you guess the girls’ nicknames?

A. Pumpkin
B. Shorty
C. Sugie (Sugar)

Personally, I think nicknames are silly. Nicknames for cities, like CoMo (Columbia, Missouri) or nicknames at work. I once worked with a Snooky and Elmo, both males. How professional is that? So I think I have good reason to despise nicknames.

However, I think nicknames should be reserved as a name for those who are close to you. We have nicknames in our house and I am fine with that. But having to call a guy I work with “Elmo” just feels wrong even if he had fire red hair.

So what are our nicknames? Well, the girls have a few! Peyton prefers to go by Macie. She is also known as Shorty, a name given by her dad because...well I’m sure you can guess.

Breesa’s nick name is Sugie. We used to call her Sugar but it was shortened to Sugie. She has always had a very sweet and gentle personality.

Of course, that leaves “Pumpkin”, my little November baby. Nataly actually has a few nicknames. We call her Baby Cakes, Pumpkin, and Adelheid. She hates to be called anything but Nataly unless she wants to be held, in which she refers to herself as “Baby”. Adelheid (pronounced Attle-height) comes from the movie “Heidi” with Shirley Temple that reminds so many of our friends of Nataly.

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