Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introducing our Newsletter

Now that we are so far from our family and friends, I have decided to do something I have only dreamed about. I am not consistent enough to blog and time seems to pass me by before I correspond with my family.
However, I have often thought it would be a great home school project to create a family newsletter.

We will “attempt” to create a newsletter to keep you, our friends and family, updated on our adventures.

Hopefully, you will find it enjoyable. I mean, who doesn’t like to get mail. I hope to fill the newsletter with enough interesting stories and photos to make your feel like you were here with us. (Also, if you call the little ones, you’ll have something to actually talk about.)

I collaborated with the girls on a name for the newsletter . After considering some funny names, Macie came up with The Pierce Express.
We now live in St. Joe, home of the Pony Express. So she thought this was appropriate while writing from our “one horse town”.

It’s rather fitting considering the first Pony Express left St. Joe headed for Sacramento!

So even though our carrier will not be on horseback, we will be sending our newsletter on the same route!

Our logo , coinciding with our name, will be this Pony Express Rider that will be bringing the newsletter to you!

We hope to keep in touch so please feel free to send a reply to our newsletters. The girls would love to hear from you!

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