Thursday, January 15, 2009

A long winter

Well it's seems like it has been a long winter!! I have stayed inside for most of it. I haven't written anything in my blog in a few months because we have been adjusting to the new baby. Nataly Gracen is a blessing to say the least!!

Nataly is blossoming beautifully. She is smiling and talking to us in baby coos. Breesa has been busy being a big sister, which is probably her favorite thing of all. Peyton is back in school and keeping busy with her friends.

We have been staying busy no doubt. We have pretty much changed our diets to whole foods. I am getting in a better routine about cooking dinner since I had the baby. I was spoiled to have two weeks worth of food cooked for me!! It was hard to get back in the kitchen.

Right now I have been working on becoming a Proverbs woman. I recently took up selling on ebay. Pierce was doing a lot of it but I have more time than he does so I am helping and we are doing it together. I wasn't ready to go back to school yet so I will be starting that in the spring.

I may type a few posts from the past few months since I have been too busy and we had a few big things happen.

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