Monday, August 4, 2008

The 4 o' clock panic

Ever get the 4 o'clock panic? You know, the one where you realize you don't have anything ready or planned for dinner. You end up with frozen fish sticks or ordering out. I have been working on avoiding this chaos. Tonight was our first night back in town. I didn't have much for groceries. Pierce was on his way in town so he was picking a few up for me. We were on the phone while he was in the store trying to think of something to cook tonight. Anyway, we decided on baked chicken wings and no sides. I was irritated because I hadn't planned anything and still really hadn't decided on anything for dinner.

After we hung up, I was searching around on the Hillbilly Housewife website and came across a recipe for easy bread sticks. I decided I could make them. And coincidentally, I had lasagna on the menu for this week. So Pierce was bringing home a few things I needed for that. I had Peyton start browning meat and I went ahead and started the bread sticks....SO EASY!! These bread sticks weren't that hard and they were SO DELICIOUS!! Anyway, we finished up the bread sticks and meat, mixed the sauce into the meat, and laid the first layer of noodles by the time Pierce got back with the groceries. All I needed was the cottage cheese and mozzarella. I finished the lasagna and popped it in the over. At Pierce's request, I boiled some corn to go with dinner. TA-DA!! I outsmarted the 4 o'clock panic AGAIN!! Dinner was so good. Check out the link for the garlic bread. They are made with a bit much butter and white flour but sometimes you just gotta live a little!!

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Mrs. V. said...

I have not yet tried her breadstick recipe. I'll print it off, maybe I can try it tonight. Thanks!