Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Busy Weekend

Well our busy weekend finally came to an end. Breesa won 5th place in the Beautiful Baby contest and 3rd in the costume contest. There were a lot of kids there and there was no air conditioning. She had a blast. She couldn't wait for her turn to get up on stage. She loves to be on stage. She is practicing a song for church. She has sang a few already but she may be doing a solo. She doens't mind getting up there and singing.

Peyton's birthday party was a blast. The kids swam, ate, and broke a pinata. I'll post pictures later. Breesa loves to list birthdays in order of whose next and she's excited that hers is next.

I am twenty weeks now. Hooray!! It has really gone by pretty fast. I have an appointment this week. Things should be moving along quickly now. We haven't started making room for the baby yet. Not sure if I should or just leave it be until later. I need to get everything out of storage and take inventory to make sure everything stored well and an be used again.

Tonight we have visitors staying with us. The Ambassador Baptist College singers will be singing at church tonight and some of them will be staying with us. We hosted the Hyles-Anderson singer a few weeks ago. So our house has been bustling this summer. It's fun to have visitors in the house.

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beagle said...

its only a test to see if you can do it. uncle dave